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Client Case Studies
  1.  Giving a young Widow confidence in the knowledge that her late husband’s insurance policies and pensions would support her and her two daughters both in the short term and further into the future. Producing a financial plan using our future planning software to project capital, assets, income and expenditure over time, allaying her biggest fear that she would run out of money.
  2. Providing a couple approaching their 60s with the right information to allow them to make an informed decision as to when they can afford to retire. Not just advice on their pensions but a holistic plan to include: investments, employer schemes, state benefits, savings and paying off their mortgage – all positioned against existing and future expenditure.
  3. Helping an entrepreneur to work out how much he would need to sell his company for, to allow him to support his family and maintain his current lifestyle for the rest of his life.
  4. Working out how much risk a couple need to take with their capital to maintain a minimum level of income for life. This following the downsizing of their home, with the couple using their released equity to support themselves in retirement.
  5. Constructing a plan to provide university fees funding for 4 children between the ages of 9 and 17, from capital. The plan includes sensible tax planning for when the money is needed and control for the parents to stop the money being spent in the student union bar.
  6. Working in conjunction with a solicitor to achieve a fair split of assets for a divorcing couple.  By helping them to fully understand their finances they were able to agree a fair financial settlement, through mediation sessions.
  7. Following the sale of her Mother’s house, we ensured that sufficient savings were in place so that our client could pay for her Mother’s residential care fees in the local nursing home of their choice. This involved a long-term care plan.
  8. A tragic accident prevented a person acting in his own best interests. After a substantial compensation award, the trustees approached us to seek advice on how best to invest this money in a low risk, flexible way to enable access to funds at anytime to ensure that the beneficiary’s needs were always and consistently met.

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