Financial Planning Service

At the outset we begin with our Discovery process.
We want to discover all about you personally and financially.
We listen to you.
Your goals and aspirations are the foundation for our advice.

  • We will assess your risk profile using a psychometric risk profiling questionnaire
  • Your attitude towards risk and expected investment returns and your tolerance for loss will then be put into the context of both your time horizon and planning goals
  • We will help you decide on the most suitable portfolio to align to your financial plan
  • Our role as your financial planner then becomes one of supervision, monitoring and maintaining discipline
  • It is important to ensure that the portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure it remains suitable and provides the investment return needed for your financial plan


The Stages


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Specialist Mortgage Service

Why would I use an independent mortgage broker?

 We advise on and arrange residential, buy to let, overseas and commercial mortgages.

 We are whole of market Independent Mortgage Brokers with a wealth of experience in dealing with diverse clients.

 One of our biggest advantages is that we are qualified to give you advice. This is really important – many call centres and high street bank employees work on a non-advisory basis. This means they can give you as much information as you want about the products but cannot give you any advice about how this would relate to your particular situation. Using an independent qualified mortgage broker could save you money, time and effort!

 After an in-depth discussion we will advise you who the most appropriate lender will be for your particular circumstances. Through many years of experience we know what underwriting criteria different lenders will accept and we won’t waste your time applying for a mortgage you won’t get and could ultimately lose you your dream property.

 As part of our service commitment we offer a mortgage review service whereby we contact all our clients three months before their current mortgage rate expires to ensure that they don’t revert to the lender’s higher standard variable rate.

 No call centres – Direct line and direct e-mail to a dedicated mortgage administrator and broker who will liaise with you throughout your property purchase process.

 We have access to around 3,500 mortgage products across the whole market at any one time.

Furthermore, we have professional contacts at a large number of Private Banks willing to undertake non-standard and more complex applications that would never be considered by a high street lender.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Trustee Planning Service

It is vital to have a clear understanding of the investment powers of the Trust. We begin our discovery process with an in-depth trust fact finding session to gain an understanding of the aims and objectives of the Trust. If the investment powers are unknown or not clear, then we would refer the Trust Deeds to an independent trust consultancy service to establish them, in relation to the various Beneficiaries.

Our meetings would include the Trustees-and Beneficiaries if appropriate- and their professional advisers be it a solicitor or accountant. In a similar way to advising an individual, we establish attitude towards risk based on the requirements of the trust. We use Future Modelling software to model the trusts assets and liabilities into the future. A plan is then agreed by all parties and the investment strategy aligned to the trusts plan is then implemented.Each year the trust’s plan and investment strategy are reviewed with all parties concerned, to confirm continued suitability.

  FinancialServicesTrusteesBrochure2-1 Download our Trustee Planning Service Booklet

Workplace pension reform and employee benefits

Since October 2012, starting with the largest companies, employers will have to auto enrol qualifying staff into a pension scheme

We provide support to our own corporate clients and those of our accountant and solicitor partners.

We explain when the responsibility starts and how the implementation works.

We are providing clients with a workforce audit and projections of the cost impact to allow for effective cash flow management.

We give advice on pension schemes and provide effective implementation strategies and employee communication.

Services for Accountants

Common areas of advice include:

  • Business Protection and Relevant Life Policies – tax efficient life insurances.
  • Reducing Tax bills using pension contributions including carry forward of unused relief.
  • Advice to corporate clients around workplace pension reform.
  • Advice and administration for Directors and Partners pension schemes.
  • Business Premises purchase using pensions.
  • Advice and Administration of Company pensions for employees.
  • Fee based cash flow forecasting for companies and individuals.
Services for Solicitors
Common areas of advice include:

  •  Pensions and Investments at Divorce
  • Trust and Will Investments
  • Personal Injury Settlement Investments
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Business Protection for Partnerships and Companies


Pensions At Divorce

Pension schemes are often a significant, but easily overlooked part of a couple’s assets. If a pension is to be shared on divorce then it is important for advice to be taken so that the correct decisions are made now, to put your client in the best position for preserving their retirement income in the future.

We work closely with both solicitors and mediators using financial planning software to give the parties involved a sense of their financial future.

We provide advice on valuing, investing and taking income from pensions which are to be shared.


When an individual receives an unexpected sum of money they are often lacking the experience needed to manage and protect their capital. This capital can come from many places – an injury claim, a divorce settlement, or an inheritance.

We believe it is important to gain an understanding of the individual’s specific requirements by liasing closely with the client and their other professional advisers. It is only possible to create the correct investment approach with this knowledge.

An individual may need to generate an income from their capital, or the focus may be on preserving and enhancing the long term value.

We can offer many investment options for investing lump sums including a number of options ideal for trustees who have a duty to preserve the real value of the assets they are entrusted with.


Inheritance Tax Planning

Our financial planning service gives both an immediate understanding and a forecast of a client’s estate and inheritance tax liability.

We give advice on estate planning and mitigation of Tax, using trusts such as Discounted Gift Trusts.

As part of a client’s financial plan we will ensure that all annual tax allowances are being used.

We provide advice on Trusts and Assignments.

Business Protection

We advise Business Owners, Directors and Partners on how to pass on their share of the business to their family in the most appropriate way to safeguard the value and viability of the business.

We will advise businesses on protecting against the loss of a key person though illness or death.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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The Financial Planning Group is the trading name of FPG Financial Services LLP.

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