With the Bank of England interest rates widely predicted to remain at an historic low, or maybe fall as a measure to stave off the threat of deflation; the plight of Britain’s savers is once again in the spotlight.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) more than £160bn in cash savings is languishing in low-interest accounts purely because consumers find it difficult to know what rate they are on and are reluctant to switch bank accounts due to the inconvenience.

The FCA claims that the £700bn savings market “does not work well” for savers, with more than a fifth of all funds earning the same or less than the Bank of England’s 0.5pc base rate… which is clearly not a satisfactory situation for all those hoping to grow their savings towards a financially secure future. However, saving and investing your money does not have to be so frustrating.

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Our mission statement is to help change the fundamental relationship people have with their money, and to give them confidence and clarity in their own futures.

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