The Financial Planning Group has a fiduciary duty to treat all our clients fairly and act in their best interests. We strive to provide a consistent client experience that is both fair and reasonable.

Ensuring that clients in vulnerable circumstances are treated with empathy and sensitivity to their circumstances has become a growing priority for the us and the financial services industry as a whole.

That is why the FCA, the broader financial services industry, together with charities and consumer groups, proactively joined forces last year to launch the very first Financial Vulnerability Taskforce, in order to look at how the experience and outcomes for customers in most need could be improved.

At the heart of this initiative is a CHARTER which underpins the work of the Taskforce and sets out how professionals who commit to it are expected to work with customers in vulnerable circumstances.

We recognise that no two vulnerable customers are the same. Vulnerability is a dynamic state, which is affected by personal factors, life events and wider circumstances or relationships, which can affect us all. While some health issues can lead to permanent vulnerability, fortunately, in most cases, it is a temporary phenomenon. But when it happens, you can be assured that the professionals who support you fully understand its consequences and how best to continue to provide the highest quality service in these changed circumstances.

The Financial Planning Group are proud to have joined the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce and are committed to the CHARTER. You can be confident when dealing with us that we have made this commitment and will use our best endeavours to provide a professional service that recognises a client’s unique circumstances and delivers the same outcomes that they would expect if they were not in vulnerable circumstances.

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