The last couple of years have been a tough old time for UK buy-to-let landlords – with the Government removing favourable tax breaks, the implementation of more stringent affordability tests from lenders, plus a slowdown in house price growth – has combined to make investing in rented property less and less attractive for investors. Added to that landscape is the fact that the lowest interest rates are starting to evaporate on landlord product mortgages.

However, for those who have already bought a buy-to-let property, or have a portfolio of properties to manage, it is not all bad news, here at The Financial Planning Group, we currently obtain rates for a 75% buy-to-let mortgage, with a two year fixed rate, starting at just 1.74%

Considering remortgaging your property now could be a very shrewd decision – with Brexit uncertainty still looming and medium-term forecasts for the property market continuing to look stagnant – fixing your costs for the next 24 months (at least) could provide you with some real peace of mind.

It should also be noted that Steve Padgham, head of mortgages at The Financial Planning Group, is able to help clients reserve low-rate mortgages that will remain available for the next six months, and if better deals emerge within that period, clients can switch to those instead – it’s a real no-brainer.

So, give Steve a call today on 020 8614 4782 or e-mail and he will be able to offer some sound, independent advice and recommend the best possible deals currently available across the whole of the mortgage industry.

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