Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement didn’t contain much in the way of major news regarding tax or pensions changes, which gives clarity when planning for the tax year-end and 2017 as a whole.

There was welcome news that pension tax relief will remain untouched, and it would appear that the Government feels that now is still not the time for a major pensions shake up, although cold calling offering exotic investment opportunities to people cashing in their pension pots will be banned.

To encourage younger savers, a new savings bonds was introduced, with an interest rate expected to be set at about 2.2%. The bond will be open to those aged 16 and over, subject to a minimum investment limit of £100 and a maximum investment limit of £3,000. Savers must keep their money invested for three years.

Other headline items in the Statement include – the National Living Wage will rise from £7.20 to £7.50 in April; Lettings Agents will be banned from charging upfront fees to tenants, a commitment to increase home building to address the ‘out of reach’ housing problem and a continued freeze on fuel duty.

This will be the last Autumn Statement. In future the Budget Day will switch from spring to autumn, with a toned down statement on the economy delivered each March. This will give welcome breathing space between the announcement of budget changes and their introduction.

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