Economic observes have suggested that, as Britain edges towards the first phase of European withdrawal next month, that minor cracks in the UK economy will persuade the Bank of England to keep Interest Rates as they are in the short-medium term.

The exact terms of Brexit are yet to emerge, however, the economy has continued to grow steadily since last June’s referendum, with the FTSE100 reaching record highs during 2017, however, a combination of falling retail sales and a slump in the value of sterling should stave off the temptation of rate rises until further evidence of inflation emerges.

Employment figures continue to look strong, with those out of work at the lowest level in more than a decade, with wage rise demands also decelerating, but on the flip side, business investment fell in the last quarter of 2016, and a fifth of larger companies are reported to be reigning in expansion plans until Brexit implications are known.

In an article in The Financial Times this week, the newspaper claimed that; “By themselves, these do not add up to anything like conclusive evidence that the economy is running out of steam. But they do justify the Bank of England — unlike, for example, the US Federal Reserve — keeping interest rates on hold in the medium term, even if the sterling shock pushes up import prices.”

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