This week’s court much publicised ruling, that Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan do not have the right to enter into civil partnership, has implications for millions of cohabiting mixed-sex couples in the UK.

The couple, who have a young daughter together, have been attempting to get legal recognition for their seven-year relationship – but do not want to get married.

Speaking outside the court Mr. Keidan commented; “There are over three million mixed sexed couples who are cohabiting, with two million dependent children. This is the fastest growing family type, but these couples lack legal and financial security. None of us should be denied recognition or protection because marriage isn’t right for us.”

Critics of the court’s decision claim that it denies mixed-sex couples, who do not want to get married, the legal protections afforded to those in civil partnerships, such as the ability to inherit property tax-free from their partner.

Mr. Keidan and Ms Steinfeld intend to appeal the decision as, despite the verdict, the judges accepted there had been a breach of the couple’s human rights, but they felt the Government should be allowed more time to decide on the future of civil partnerships.

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