Being mortgage-free at 55 is a situation many of us can only dream of – lifting the pressure of making monthly repayments and freeing your budget to focus on what really matters in your life is without doubt a shared aspiration. Financial peace of mind in times of uncertainty is also good for your wellbeing and the events of the past few months have seen many of our clients contacting us to discuss ways of making life-finance balance changes going forwards. But what if you want to clear your existing mortgage, but don’t have the funds available?

Well, if you are a homeowner over the age of 55, then Steve Padgham, Head of Mortgages at The Financial Planning Group, is available to discuss whether a lifetime mortgage could help you achieve your aims. With 25 years’ experience helping individuals, families and businesses to place their financial affairs in context with their future goals and aspirations, we are here to provide a simple, structured, disciplined and reviewable planning service. We will change the fundamental relationship people have with their money to give them confidence and clarity in their own futures.

If you would like to discuss what options are available to you, please contact Steve Padgham via or call him on 020 8614 4782.

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