Like many people who have moved jobs, or even changed careers, during a working lifetime, you may be in a position where you have several smaller-sized pension pots spread out over several different companies.

In most cases, consolidating a ‘patchwork of pensions’ offers a far more structured and focused strategy of planning for your retirement and seeking quality, independent financial advise and pension planning is essential.

The Financial Planning Group, has established a great reputation, gained over 25 years, for providing solutions that place our clients’ financial affairs in context with their future goals and aspirations. We aim to change the fundamental relationship they have with their money and, in doing so, to give them confidence and clarity in their own futures.

So, if you are on of the millions of UK people with an overly-complicated pension pots situation, or seek some clarity and advice in how you can improve your pension strategy, we’d be delighted to sit down with you over a coffee in our office in Teddington, and talk through your exact situation and agree on what’s right for you circumstances.

If you have any questions concerning Pension Planning, please call Tim Norris on 0800 731 7614 and we would be delighted to arrange a meeting.

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