The General Election result has, without doubt, provided our nation with more questions than answers as Theresa May’s gamble to strengthen her position by obtaining an increased majority in the House of Commons failed dramatically last night.

Whilst we await further developments about how a new Government will be made up, with a likely partnership with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party MPs, economists have reacted with uncertainty.

The prospect of a hung parliament, and speculation about the election result’s impact on Brexit, saw the value of sterling slide against the dollar, and subsequently, the equity markets have risen because of the exchange rate for import/export of goods of listed companies that trade in dollars.

Although the political and economic landscape will continue to be potentially volatile in the coming weeks and months, the message from us here at The Financial Group remains simple. Don’t panic. Stay calm. Remember, the key to successful investment is the amount of time you spend in the market, not by trying to second-guess the market.

A hung parliament will obviously bring uncertainty, and markets don’t like uncertainty, however, our clients’ portfolios are risk rated and globally diversified and, as such, the vagaries of the UK stock market will not unduly affect their investments.

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