Why do people invest? The answer is usually to make money. There are various nuances but the primary objective, however, is profit.

Historically, many of the highest yielding investments have focused on industries and companies that don’t necessarily ‘do good’ in the world. From health-damaging tobacco firms to environment-harming oil companies, many of the best returns seemingly come at a cost to society.

However, a small but increasing amount of people are demanding more from their money . They want to know that their investments are being used for good or at least do no harm.

For some time now The Financial Planning Group has been a member of UKSIF the Sustainable Investment and Finance Association and are committed to growing sustainable and responsible finance in the UK.

Many investors, unfortunately, like the idea of responsible investing but aren’t entirely sure of how to go about it. The problem is that a lot of investors don’t know what they want! And then when they do, the next challenge is to find the investment funds that match their preferences. Many retail investors are disappointed by the type of companies they see in funds that claim to be responsible or sustainable.

That said, it is always possible to tailor an investment portfolio to match a client’s requirements to some extent, and this is becoming easier all the time. Here at The Financial Planning Group, we have a specific, sustainable, investment offering that goes some way to matching clients’ personal ESG beliefs to their investments – ensuring their profit comes with purpose.

If you would like to find out more about Ethical Investment, and how we can help you match principles with profit, please call Tim Norris on 020 8614 4780 or e-mail  Tim.Norris@fpgonline.co.uk – with an office in the heart of Teddington we are perfectly positioned to help you invest locally. 

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