The Church of England, which has an investment fund of more than £9bn, has come under pressure in the past to “offload particular investments to reflect its values” notably a commitment to tackling climate change.

And recent reports show, that during 2015, church commissioners adopted a new climate change policy, taking the decision to divest from tar sands oil and thermal coal – which was first time an investment restriction on environmental grounds had been imposed.

“This policy is sending a very clear signal about the church’s investments,” said Edward Mason, head of responsible investment for the Church Commissioners.

However, Ethical Investment is not just an option open to institutional fund managers, for many individuals, knowing that their money is invested with ethically and socially responsible companies is of great importance.

The Financial Planning Group have supported campaigns to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance for many years and we work hard to help local people make good money choices in this growing investment sector.

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