The FTSE 100 reached an all-time high recently amid investor hopes that global inflation may be peaking, and central banks are nearing the end of aggressive interest rate hikes. The UK’s blue-chip index reached a record high at market close of 7901.80.

Sectors including energy, mining and banking, which have profited from the macroeconomic environment of rising oil prices and higher inflation, have been major drivers of the index’s positive performance. The recent reopening of China from its zero Covid policy has also played a part in helping to push the index higher.

This has sheltered the index far more than some of its technology biased peers, such as the S&P 500 in the US and has seen it hold up in the face of tough economic conditions and the domestically-focused FTSE 250, meanwhile, is still short of the levels it held in May 2018, however, it is up over 20% from the levels it dipped to last October. Such varied performance from different sectors of the market and conflicting views on the economic outlook are usual in the world environment we are experiencing.

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