gmw_date_logo_2016For many of us, making the right financial decisions probably features quite high on our list of priorities. For others, the state of the planet and the kind of world we are handing down to the next generation, may be of concern. Climate change, poverty, access to clean water, education and human rights, are all pressing global issues that might be playing on our minds.

Today, more than ever before, it is possible to address these issues through the types of investments we make. Previously, this type of investment ethos was largely restricted to a small number of ethical funds, and there was the perception that you might need to sacrifice the potential for decent investment performance in order to reflect your values. But now, ethical funds are just one part of a rapidly growing ‘good money’ sector that includes impact investing, green funds and responsible investing.

Memories of the global financial crisis, and the more recent VW emissions and BHS pension scandals, have highlighted the importance of good corporate governance and reinforced the business case for investing in companies that take their responsibilities seriously.

The Financial Planning Group have long understood the intrinsic connection between financial performance and how the companies in which we invest approach issues such as their impact on the environment and their contribution to society. To us, understanding how a company takes care of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors has always made good business sense. We often find that companies that are well governed in these areas tend to perform better than those that are not, and thus provide better returns to shareholders. That’s why we are committed to raising investors’ awareness of these important issues and supporting Good Money Week’s campaign again this year.

It is important to us that investors know their options, understand how they can reflect their beliefs and values in their investment choices, and that they don’t sleepwalk into their investments, so we are offering a free consultation for investors wishing to find out more during Good Money Week.

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