gmw_logo_-_colourFor many individuals, knowing that their money is invested with ethically and socially responsible companies is of great importance, therefore we will once again be supporting Good Money Week’s campaign to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance to help local people make good money choices and by offering advice to our existing clients who wish to find out more information on this growing investment sector.

The campaign, which runs between 18th and 24th October, aims to ensure that everyone knows they have sustainable and ethical options when it comes to their financial decisions.

With that in mind, The Financial Planning Group are offering a free consultation for investors wishing to find out more. Please call us on 0800 731 7614 to arrange a free appointment at our Teddington office.



Sustainable and ethical investment means choosing specific accounts and funds, which screen out unethical choices…

Sustainable and ethical investing is an investment philosophy that combines environmental and social criteria with conventional investment criteria. It combines an investor’s financial objectives and any social or environmental objectives they may have. It is defined by use of this philosophy, not by any specific technique.

Ethical investment means sacrificing financial performance for ethical value…
There is now ample evidence that good fund managers can deliver excellent investment performance over the medium and long term using sustainable and ethical investment approaches. According to the Investment Management Association, “investing ethically does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice investment performance.”

Sustainable and ethical investors are mainly teachers and social workers…
Financial advisers report a wide range of ‘non-traditional’ clients interested in sustainable and ethical investment today, including younger entrepreneurs and those inheriting wealth.










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