It is often an important discovery for individuals and private investors when they learn of the possibility of benefitting from one of the most valuable tax reliefs currently used by corporate executives to pass on their businesses free of inheritance tax.

Inheritance tax (IHT) is often more punitive than either income tax or capital gains tax, which has often been acquired from income or gains previously subject to tax but, with specialist advice and careful financial planning, there are alternative considerations when preparing long-term investment strategies.

Most IHT saving strategies (such as those that involve the use of gifts or trusts) take seven years before they are fully effective, however, with The Financial Planning Group’s guidance, certain investments can become IHT exempt after just two years (provided the investments are still held at the time of death).

This facility is something we arrange for our clients through specialist providers with expertise in AIM listed stocks, and although such schemes, as with all forms of investment, carry certain risks and are not suitable for everyone, these specific investments are structured toward the IHT benefit and endeavor to smooth out the potential volatile returns, usually more associated with AIM listed stocks.

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