High achieving, dynamic, independent women may be every bit as capable and financially aware as their male counterparts, however, data shows that for some reason, women are less likely to invest on the stock market than men.

Women will be the first to agree that in most households they are responsible for the lion’s share of family finances – whether that is ensuring bills are paid on time, unearthing better utility deals, or being on the ball when the mortgage is up for renewal.

On top of that, a third of women are now the main breadwinners in their households, with a third running their own businesses – so why is investing in stocks, shares or funds so off-putting when compared to men?

Speaking to the Financial Times, Sue Noffke, one of the UK’s top asset managers at Schroders, feels there is a self belief barrier, commenting; “Often, women are not confident making decisions on their own and want to do it with their partner. But I don’t think men are any more educated in taking these types of decisions.”

“They [men] rarely fully understand what they’re doing. The difference is that women want to understand, but get bogged down in all the jargon and end up completely confused.”

Meanwhile, one woman trying to overturn this perception is Holly Mackay, founder of consumer information website BoringMoney.com who feels that some women’s approach to saving is “reckless caution personified”.

With this in mind, BoringMoney is launching a campaign called “Ladies Losing Out” in an attempt to educate women about investing.

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The full article in the FT can be read here http://on.ft.com/1r5dyeT

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