After more than 100 years’ growth in life expectancy levels in the UK, experts have claimed there has been a sharp dip in recent years. Lifestyle choices, as well as an increase in Alzheimer’s diagnosis, are contributory factors it is claimed.

The increase rate has slowed significantly since 2010, which means Britain is falling behind the levels being achieved in other First World economies.

Until recently, life expectancy at birth had been going up so fast that women were gaining an extra year of life every five years and men an additional 12 months every three-and-a-half years – but those figures have almost halved in less than a decade.

According to report in the Guardian newspaper; “In 1919 men lived for an average of 52.5 years and women for 56.1 years. That rose to 64.1 years and 68.7 years respectively by 1946. Life expectancy then rose in an almost unbroken gradual upward curve to 77.1 years for men and 81.4 years for women in 2005 and again to 78.7 and 82.6 in 2010.”

However, despite this week’s news, it shows that, as a nation, we continue to live longer and there is a clear need for shrewd planning ahead of retirement.

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