Over the last few years the Lifetime Mortgage and Property Equity industry has seen a significant evolution, with many homeowners using the money locked into the value of their existing property to give themselves and their families greater flexibility and investment opportunities.

Evidence for this change in outlook can be found in the release of recent data that shows that borrowers in the South East, South West and London accounted for 46% of all equity release mortgages taken out for the purpose of purchasing a new property.

We are also finding that our clients are now more likely to use the money released to buy another property, or to help a family member get on the property ladder, rather than use savings or from pension provisions.

Greater flexibility and far lower rates are raising the profile of Lifetime Mortgages, with Independent Financial Advisors now suggesting these products as another option to achieve their clients’ long term priorities in life.

Here at The Financial Planning Group, we help individuals and families to place their financial affairs in context with future goals and aspirations. We will change the fundamental relationship people have with their money to give them confidence and clarity in their futures.

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