A recent YouGov poll commissioned by the Times newspaper has produced some worrying findings regarding Britain’s Middle-class workers and their ability to pay even a modest sized unexpected bill, without having to consider a bank or payday loan.

According to the poll’s results, 31% of ABC1 workers, the socio-economic group that includes junior managers and professionals, would need to borrow in order to cover a £500 domestic emergency or car bill, which is evidence of a savings squeeze in many UK households.

Of the 1,648 people who took part in the YouGov survey, 14% admitted they would even struggle to cover a £100 bill that had not been budgeted for, with women less likely to have adequate funds than men.

Despite continued low inflation, many workers have not had a significant pay rise for years, if at all, while at the same time, the average family debt, which currently stands at £13,520, continues to worry some analysts. Martin Lewis, presenter of the BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme, suggests that families should have enough savings to pay bills for “at least six month’s”.

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