After several weeks of turmoil and uncertainty in the mortgage market, we thought it would be useful to provide up-to-the-minute details on the current deals and options available to homeowners needing to consider a mortgage or re-mortgage, or those with a fixed rate deal ending in the not too distant future.

Following the Bank of England’s recent rise in interest rates, by 0.75% to 3%, the biggest conundrum for those in that situation remains whether “to fix or not to fix”. The best Tracker Mortgage rate we have available is 3.6% (with no early repayment charges) and the best Five Year Fixed is 5.21%, with further rises not ruled out, it is therefore hard to know what to do for the best for many people.

Unfortunately, there are no crystal balls available when making these critical financial decisions, however, Steve Padgham, our Head of Mortgages, is here to talk through every option available, and it should always be remembered that, here at The Financial Planning Group, we are able to secure mortgage deals for our clients up to 8 months in advance of their current deal ending, with no commitment to take it if circumstances change, or if rates improve, during that time.

If you or a friend or family member has a mortgage or remortgage situation on the horizon and would like to talk though some options, please contact Steve Padgham via e-mail at or by calling 020 8614 4782.

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