Here at The Financial Planning Group we monitor rates daily and can switch our clients to lower rates if a mortgage offer has been issued but not gone live.

For example, a client had an offer accepted in mid-September at which point the best two-year fixed rate was 5.44%. We secured the deal and continued to monitor rates. As of today, we have switched them with the same lender to a rate 4.79% with no costs to the clients.

“I’ve used FPG for multiple remortgages and mortgages and I highly recommend them on the basis of the quality of their expert advice, professionalism and personal service. They are superb.” – Client review

We also work with our clients on the best medium-to-long-term strategy when a fixed-rate deal is coming to an end to provide flexibility and freedom to renegotiate when the time is right.

If you or a friend or family member has a mortgage or remortgage situation on the horizon and would like to talk through your options, please contact Steve Padgham via e-mail at or by calling 020 8614 4782.

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