One clear example of the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the mortgage market is that low-deposit mortgage deals available to borrowers have reduced significantly in recent months as lenders play safer – some large lenders are also not currently considering applications from people on furlough, with no return to work date.

According to a recent report, “borrowers able to offer 10% of the value of a home as a deposit could have chosen from 779 deals at the start of March, data from Moneyfacts shows. Six months later, the choice is now down to around 60.”

The self-employed are also being asked to provide more information when applying for a mortgage – including bank statements and accounts – to show if their businesses have been negatively affected by the pandemic. However, this is where companies like The Financial Planning Group come into their own.

Being able to access a huge selection of lenders and products, rather than being tied to one lender, is a massive advantage right now… we find that there is never a ‘one hat fits all’ solution to our clients’ situations, so being able to work through and find the perfect, bespoke, solution is very rewarding, both professionally and to the people we work for. Whether that’s saving them money by offering a better deal than they had expected, or finding a great solution to what they thought would be a tricky situation, we are here to help.

Steve Padgham, our head of mortgages, is vastly experienced in this area and is available to find the perfect solution for your mortgage or re-mortgage needs. Give him a call on 020 8614 4782 or e-mail to find out how he can help you.

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