Young professionals looking to purchase their first home, or move up a rung on the property ladder, were handed some positive news this week after the Clydesdale Bank launched a home loan deal offering more generous income limits for those who have qualified within the past five years.

The Clydesdale’s mortgage deal mortgage allows borrowers to take out a home loan of up to 5.5 times their income — significantly higher than the typical 4.5 times limit — up to a maximum loan of £600,000.

The lender have also reduced their deposit criteria, with 5% of the value of the property on offer, however, borrowers would pay of 3.59 per cent on a two-year fixed rate mortgage or 4.09 per cent on a five-year deal. For borrowers who can afford a bigger deposit, rates are significantly better: putting down 15 per cent means a two-year rate of 2.14 per cent and a five-year rate of 2.69 per cent.

Some lenders already provide targeted mortgage offers to young professionals, however, none with an LTV as high as 95 per cent. Metro Bank offers up to 5.5 times income to solicitors, barristers, doctors, accountants and actuaries who have qualified in the past decade, whilst Scottish Widows offer their own range of deals to professionals starting out.

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