The findings of a report from American bank, Wells Fargo, make for very gloomy reading – with one in five middle class respondents admitting that they would rather die early, than retire poor.

Financial worries by those looking ahead to their retirement are not unique to Americans however, and we are sure that the same study in the UK would produce similar findings.

That is why the Financial Planning Group congratulate the Church of England’s recent proposal that Primary Schools set up savings clubs for pupils and to encourage children to start saving small, regular amounts of money through a network of clubs run by credit unions.

With that in mind, the editor of wrote this week; “Now I’m a fully grown adult with my own children, I am trying to teach them the financial lessons I was never taught. I hope that but doing this it will stop them making the silly financial mistakes I’ve made in the past, and give them the tools as they also go into adulthood to take care of their money and make it work for them.”

We wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments – with schools teaching better financial awareness, perhaps future generations will face a greater chance of being suitably prepared for retirement when that time arrives.

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