Enjoying your retirement, after years of hard work, is a situation we all hope to achieve, however, many pensioners struggle with fears about over spending, or running out of money later in life, meaning that when it becomes time to relax and enjoy their savings, people often don’t.

Of course, everyone can, and should, save (accumulate) for the future – and clearly the rate at which any pensioner can afford to spend their provisions (decumulation) is specific to their personal circumstances – however, with the right forecasting advice, retirees needn’t worry unduly and we often remind our clients that if they don’t start to spend their savings early in retirement, and enjoy themselves, then they tend to die with lots of money.

Here at The Financial Planning Group,we have over 30 years’ experience in advising clients on how to spend their savings, WITHOUT running out of money. As chartered financial planners, we employ sophisticated ‘future-forecasting’ software to aid in the advice process, where we can model various retirement scenarios and stress test them all.

We guide our clients through the complex world of pension freedoms and let them get on with enjoying the retirement their savings enable them to enjoy and have peace of mind.

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