Not all mortgage deals need to be done at break-neck speed, but sometimes, for whatever circumstances, time is of the absolute essence.

Just a few weeks ago we arranged a mortgage, from initial meeting with the client, to offer, in just 10 days. We initially met the client on May 8, before submitting his application later the same day – along with the full supporting documentation. The mortgage offer was subsequently issued on May 18, with completion taking place on the May 28.

The key to managing a schedule that fast is to be fully aware of the lenders’ backlogs, as well as sending in all the required documents on day one. But to ensure an efficient service, this is a critical advantage regardless of a client’s time constraints.

If you could benefit from receiving independent mortgage advice, or could take advantage of our twenty-plus years of experience, please call Steve Padgham on 020 8614 4782. You too could have your mortgage offer in 10 days.

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