Following the introduction of stricter new ‘affordability’ tests by banks when assessing mortgage lending applications, we are starting to see an increasing amount of homebuyers in their 40s, 50s and 60s being prevented from getting a loan.

It would appear that the trend towards longer mortgage terms, as well as individuals trying to get on the property ladder later in life after having to save for a larger deposit, has led to an increase in demand for loans running past the traditional retirement age.

Over the past few weeks we have been approached by several Teddington residents in their mid-forties who had been turned down for 25-year mortgage terms by their bank, despite having good professional jobs – fortunately we have been able to find great low-rate mortgage offers for all of them.

This new lending criteria has also had big implications for more mature borrowers  – with most mortgage lenders refusing to lend beyond the state retirement age of 67/68. This means that an increasing number of people, the majority with only a few years left to run on their mortgages, have given up on thoughts of selling their homes and moving – which they really needn’t have done.

At The Financial Planning Group, we have lenders who would potentially lend until someone’s 85th birthday if they are in receipt of pension income, which allows our customers the freedom of choice they desire, whilst still enjoying historically low mortgage rates.

If this is a topic that affects you, or you are concerned that age could be a factor in your mortgage application, please call Steve Padgham on 020 8614 4782 and he will do all he can to help find the perfect mortgage for you.

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