If at all humanly possible, accepting your lender’s ‘Standard Variable Rate’ is a situation that no UK family should consider accepting, unless of course, you enjoy spending your hard earned wages on unnecessary interest. There should also be no need to feel like a ‘mortgage prisoner’, even if your personal circumstances have changed since agreeing your previous home loan… fortunately local help is at hand.

As with so many other domestic issues – such as choosing your utility supplier or insurance provider – switching to a new mortgage lender, or negotiating a better deal with your current bank or building society, is something that an independent mortgage advisor can broker on your behalf, and with more than 25 years’ experience dealing with families in the South West London area, Steve Padgham, our head of mortgages, is here to help you achieve the very best outcome.

Failing to switch to a new deal when your fixed-rate or discount mortgage deal ends could cost you thousands of pounds per year – money that would be far better used paying for a family holiday, paying off other debts, or one of life’s other essentials – and here at The Financial Planning Group we can help you achieve the best possible deal currently available, often without switching lenders, or filling out fresh application forms. 

It should also be noted that we are able to help clients reserve low-rate mortgages that will remain available for the next six months, and if better deals emerge within that period, clients can switch to those instead – it’s a real no-brainer.

So why not give Steve a call today 020 8614 4782, or e-mail steve.padgham@fpgonline.co.uk , and see what options are available to you?

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