Having spent the best part of Monday in the car on the way to and from a long distance business meeting, I was accompanied by several talk show conversations via BBC 5Live and LBC, who’s hosts dedicated significant airtime to news stories centred on families choosing to send loved ones to Thailand for later life and dementia care, as well an hour’s-worth of calls centred around helping younger family members onto the property ladder by contributing to their deposits. The conversations made for fascinating listening, especially in light of one of our company’s many areas of financial expertise.

Often, there is no magic wand in solving these topics – save a huge bank balance or significant lottery win – however, having to send your parents half way round the world to find affordable health care solutions, or watching your kids struggling to save whilst paying sky-high rent, IS something many of us can help solve if, like so many residents in South West London and Surrey, you are fortunate to be in the position of having significant positive equity tied into your home’s value.

Demystifying Lifetime Mortgage options is an important part of our core advice at The Financial Planning Group. This, along with several other new products, is a much-changed and fast-growing area and, from experience, we have seen the benefits that freeing equity from a property can enable.  

It is essential to gain independent financial advice, and never react to cold calling or ‘predatory’ day-time television equity release adverts, however, bespoke borrowing solutions can be the ideal way of boosting a retirement pension pot, funding home improvements or helping family members, without having to downsize or make monthly payments on a more traditional bank loan. On top of that, recalibrating your personal finances to take full advantage when interest rates are as low is a very shrewd thing to be doing right now, which is why we should be talking.

Here at The Financial Planning Group we have been advising our clients regarding the availability of newer, more flexible, methods of borrowing and we can combine this with offering strategic benefits when considering Inheritance Tax exposure. Working out exactly right for you, and agreeing on the best strategy for long term stability and financial wellbeing.

With 25 years’ experience helping individuals, families and businesses to place their financial affairs in context with their future goals and aspirations, The Financial Planning Group are here to provide a simple, structured, disciplined and reviewable planning service. We will change the fundamental relationship people have with their money to give them confidence and clarity in their own futures.

If you are interested in discussing lifetime mortgages, or working through a strategy that’s right for you, please contact Steve Padgham via Steve.Padgham@fpgonline.co.uk or call him on 020 8614 4782.

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