Unless you are a reader of the Financial Times, you may have missed an excellent property feature on Teddington last weekend, which outlines the many highlights of our wonderful South-West London town on the banks of the Thames. Offering riverside living for less, when compared to other ‘riviera’ locations further towards the capital, is a big attraction for families looking to combine space and a quality lifestyle, and any long-term Teddington resident will agree what a special place we live and work in.

According to the FT’s report, until recently, Teddington had avoided the the property price falls seen in central London  recently; “Last year, the average second-hand sales price in Teddington hit £743,550, according to Land Registry data analysed by Hamptons International, almost exactly the same price as in 2017. In the first half of this year, however, prices appear to have dropped a little. Provisional data from the Land Registry show a 2.5 per cent decline on 2018 figures.

Comparisons with busier, more metropolitan, towns such as Richmond and Putney may not be exact, however, the findings make interesting reading; “At £717 per sq ft, last year’s (Teddington) average sale price was 5 per cent cheaper than Twickenham (£753), 6 per cent below Putney (£760) and 22 per cent cheaper than neighbouring Richmond (£924), according to Hamptons International.” It goes on to say that families looking to live directly on the waterfront can expect to pay almost 30 percent more than those figures.

Conserving the special ‘Teddington vibe’ is important to us all, and hopefully protecting the look and feel of our town can be achieved long into the future, with the report underlining how vital preserving the Edwardian facades in our picturesque High Street is to achieving that.

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