An article in The Telegraph recently has underlined the fears of many reputable pension professionals – that the vultures are circling in the wake of the Government’s major reform of pension rules, which came into effect on April 6th, 2015.

Indeed, David Barrett’s poignant piece carried the worrying heading; “Con artists could target pensioners in a bid to steal billions of pounds which will no longer have to be spent on annuities at the point of retirement.”

Saga’s Chief Executive, Lance Batchelor, said that; “It is great that the Government has recognised that people, who have saved hard, can be trusted to make decisions about how they make the most of their retirement savings. It is estimated that the new pension freedoms will mean that an additional £1.5 billion of pension savings will be unlocked in that year alone.” But these new-found freedoms certainly don’t come without new-found threats.

A spokesman from the Pensions Regulator told The Telegraph: “The people behind pensions scams are often agile, sophisticated and organised. Whatever the law is, they will seek to exploit it, so we expect the scams we see to continue to evolve.” Indeed, we must all stay vigilant against the vultures that claim they can get your pension money before you’re 55, but the huge fees and taxes you’ll pay to do so could leave you with nothing for retirement. There is also evidence that scammers are targeting the over 55s as well.

At The Financial Planning Group, we have not actually seen a surge in enquiries regarding the new pension liberation rules, although it is early days. Hopefully this means that the good folk of Teddington are being sensible and forward thinking when it comes to their retirement planning.

However, for companies like ours, it means we will have to work doubly hard to ensure that the right advice, along with the reputation we have worked so hard to achieve, is heard in our community. The Financial Planning Group is proud to have attained Chartered status and we urge pensioners to follow the advice that “If you are called out of the blue to discuss your pension, just hang up… Most of the companies making these offers are not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.”

We have also  produced a booklet to share some valuable information (please click here to download the PDF) as we believe it is sensible financial planning to consult a Chartered Financial Planner so that personal, tailored advice is received and understood by retirees, prior to making any potential life changing decision. Please feel free to forward the Guide to any friends or family members you feel could be affected.

The Financial Planning Group have been at the heart of Teddington for the past 22 years, so if you would like to speak with one of pensions experts about what’s really best in your long term financial interests, please call us on 0800 731 7614  or e-mail and we’d be delighted to help.




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