Having absolute confidence in those entrusted to look after your hard earned money is imperative – whether that is the bank you choose to manage your day to day financial affairs, or the investment specialists tasked with ensuring you are maximising the returns on a portfolio or pension pot – assurance is the number one priority.

So, it does come as a surprise that, in terms of investment strategies, many people feel in the dark to varying degrees after appointing a financial specialist, or choose to trust their own intuition over expert advice. This can lead to chopping and changing direction or a less focussed vision for future financial security. Remember, long-term investing rather than short-term speculation almost always yields the best results.

An article in the Financial Times last week underlines that mantra; “It is vital, of course, only to invest in things that one understands; if not, then the investment is degraded to mere speculation and is not an investment at all. But ‘knowing’ something should never be confused with knowing whether you should put your money into it.”

Here at The Financial Planning Group we always spend time to get to know our clients and what their financial objectives and priorities are from the outset. At an introductory meeting, at our office in the heart of Teddington, we begin with our discovery process, both personally and financially. We listen to you and agree on a strategy that matches your goals and aspirations.

  • We will assess your risk profile using a psychometric risk profiling questionnaire
  • Your attitude towards risk and expected investment returns and your tolerance for loss will then be put into the context of both your time horizon and planning goals
  • We will help you decide on the most suitable portfolio to align to your financial plan
  • Our role as your financial planner then becomes one of supervision, monitoring and maintaining discipline
  • It is important to ensure that the portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure it remains suitable and provides the investment return needed for your financial plan

Regular communications with our clients is also important to us – we are proud of the service we provide and the relationships we build with the individuals and businesses we represent.

If you would like to arrange a pension or investment consultation, please call Tim Norris or Alan Clifton on 0800 731 7614 and we would be delighted to arrange a meeting at our offices in the heart of Teddington.

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