The events of the past six month have led many people to re-assess their lives, however, the coronavirus pandemic has also led to a sharp increase in the number of younger people preparing Wills – according to the latest data, the number of under-35s making Wills in April 2020 – during the height of lockdown – was 12 times higher than it was in December 2019, a trend that has continued to rise in the past three months.

A survey by Farewill, the UK’s biggest Will writing company, also shows that an increasing numbers of young people are choosing to leave a charitable donation in their Will, with under-35s leaving an average of almost £25,000 as a legacy gift.

Farewill CEO, Dan Garrett, said, “Young people have grown up online, and the internet gives them a platform to talk openly about every topic imaginable – including those that were previously taboo, like death. The pandemic has encouraged more young people to plan and think ahead. It’s not only responsible, it’s actually really healthy.”

Here at The Financial Planing Group we agree that, no matter what age you are, it is important to make sure you a have a Will that reflects your current wishes. It is always best to consult a solicitor when drafting your Will and we encourage all our clients to periodically review and amend their Wills as necessary.

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