lostbanksWe all have different goals in life, with varying aspirations when it comes to our dream retirement age, or reducing our earning requirements to a level where we spend more time doing the things we love. Some people aim to get rich, while others aim to get happy.

An article in the Financial Times this week addresses this issue by asking what an individuals’ financial ‘Magic Number’ would be to allow a less work-focused existence to become a reality – and what advice we can all take to give us the best chances of fulfilling that goal.

However, one thing is certain, squirrelling money in low interest savings accounts, or relying on the State Pension to provide anything other than the basics, is not the way to ensure our financial affairs are in context with our future goals and aspirations.

Seeking simple, structured, disciplined and reviewable financial planning advice will help you change the fundamental relationship you have with your money, and in doing so, often gives people confidence and clarity in their own futures.

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