• Taper of annual allowance for those earning between £150,000 and £210,000 from £40,000 to £10,000  read more
  • Pension input periods will be aligned to tax years for all schemes from April 2016 read more
  • Second hand annuity market delayed until 2017
  • Pension wise extended to those aged 50 and over
  • Wider consultation on tax relief reforms in Green paper issued today. read more
  • Confirmation of change of Special Lump Sum Death Benefit Charge from 45% to the beneficiaries marginal rate where the lump sum is paid to an individual.
  • Confirmation that the Special Lump Sum Death Benefit Charge will remain at 45% where the lump sum is paid somewhere other than to an individual, such as a trust read more

Full details of the speech can be found here

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There will be a more detailed look at today’s Budget on the Financial Planning Group website tomorrow.

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