With so much economic and political uncertainty circulating at the moment, whilst the Brexit Rollercoaster ride shows no sign of concluding, you may not be surprised to learn that Britain’s housing market has been left dazed and subdued. In simple terms, confidence in buying or selling your home is considered too risky in this climate, with most families deciding that staying put is the safest option right now. 

With so few houses for sale, and with sales taking far longer to get over the line, few commentators are predicting anything other than ‘more of the same’ during 2019 as the market continues to tread water. This is underlined by recent research from the Nationwide Building Society, which shows that house prices grew at the slowest annual rate for almost six tears in January.

Earlier in January, a survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found their members thought the outlook for the housing market over the next three months was the worst for 20 years… so where does this all leave Britain’s house proud public who are left frustrated by the flat-lining property market and want to continue moving up the property ladder regardless?

With mortgage rates remaining at an historical low, and flexible lending options being offered by many lenders, extending your current home, or making significant improvements that add space or value, are shrewd considerations right now, and here at The Financial Planning Group, we are finding that the focus of many of our customers is being directed in this area.

Remortaging with your existing lender, to secure a longer term discounted or fixed rate deal, or increasing your loan to pay for home improvements, can be far more straight forward than many think, and by using an independent mortgage advisor, in many cases, the full re-application process can be avoided.

We can also secure rates up to six month in advance and some lenders will waive penalties up to four months before your current deal ends. We will also receive a fee from your current lender for providing Independent financial advice and will not charge you a fee. If your current deal doesn’t end for a year or more year we can set a diary note to remind you when it does.

Steve Padgham, head of mortgages at The Financial Planning Group, is able to help his clients reserve low-rate mortgages that will remain available for the next six months, which provides real peace of mind against a back drop of fluctuating stock and currency markets, plus interest rate rise conjecture. And, if better deals emerge within that period, clients can switch to those instead – it’s a real no-brainer.

 So, give Steve a call today on 020 8614 4782 or e-mail steve.padgham@fpgonline.co.uk and he will be able to offer some sound, independent advice and recommend the best possible deals currently available across the whole of the mortgage industry.

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